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The Ryan Reyes Interview (and interview clip)

Ryan Reyes. Kind of has a ring to it, aye? I'm the kind of person that thinks that a name says a lot about you...those of you with cool sounding names should thank your parents for setting you up for coolness from birth. I've known Ryan for 5 years now I think, and I still remember the first time I met him like it was yesterday. We did this interview the weekend before his birthday, so he is now 21 years old at this moment. I remember tripping when he was turning 18. Now he's hit his last numerical milestone in his life that holds major significance. Well, actually I'm lying. There is one left. Senior citizenship...that's the milestone where you pay less at certain restaurants, and other random things...not nearly as cool as being able to go into bars and also purchase (and drink) liquids that apparently no one under the age of 21 has ever gotten to taste. Hmm...

Back to the subject at hand...Ryan Reyes...did I say it kind of has a ring to it? BECAUSE IT DOES! Ryan has tons of personality, energy, motivation, and rides around on a skateboard in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. He comes from a loving, and supportive family and has some good people behind him. His Grandpa is the kind of Grandpa you see in movies, and it is insane how much he loves him and what he does (props to Pops!!!). I feel honored to be able to call him a close friend, and am glad that he is on his way up the ranks in the world of rollerskateboarding. If his sponsors read this...DO SOMETHING! You know who you are. You know what you need to do. You're the man Ryan...even if you dislike silverware.

This is how the interview was conducted :)

RR: yo fewl
RV: We're going to start this interview out like most and just get some basic facts out in the open. How old are you, where are you from, how long have you been skating, and what companies give you the left over things that they can't sell?
RR: well i was i was concived on november 24th 1988.and was born roughly 9 months later on july 27th 1989. ive been skating for around 10 years.and i get scraps form black label, ipath, bones, destructo, innes, and i am now representing YEAH! boardshop.

Kool-Aid stains? 

RV: YEAH! boardshop? Never heard of it, what's that all about?
RR: Its the dopest of shops! Its located in bartlett illinois. My friend steve davenport owns it.
RV: Radicool! Mad pr0pz. How did you first get into skating and do you remember your first board? If you say it was a Black Label board just to try to save face or I'm going to pour clam chowder down your shirt.
RR: haha chillax! my first board was a reynolds b-house. so save the chowdeeeah
RV: Remember which graphic?
RR: it was the "reaper 3". i remember really wanted the reaper 1 or 2 cause they had those in tony hawk pro skater. but when i got to the shop all they had was 3. so i was forced to settle

The waters fine...come on in!

RV: Never settle. Unless you go back in time and become an indian. You have a slightly unconventional style and that is what I think makes me like going out with you to skate and film. The fact that you find the weird stuff, or skate a spot differently than everyone else! What skateboarders were you into as a kid? Like are there certain guys or teams whose styles influenced you and the way you wanted to skate?
RR: haha thanks. my first favorite pro was andrew reynolds. cause i was told you had to choose from the tony hawk pro skater line up. but later i found out there were others. One of the workers at the vans skatepark i skated at all the time always told me that i should go buy pj ladds wonderful horrible life. so i talked my pops(grandpa) in to giving me enough money for the video and i went to the skateshop to buy it but when i got there i saw that black out had just came out and i thought it looked super sick. so i was faced with a decision. it took a while to choose but i went with black out. i wonder what i would skate like if i had chose pj ladds wonderful horrible life!

Ryan Lurkquist (I laughed so hard at this) !

RV: I can only imagine...Well I think it's really cool that you're now getting stuff from Black Label and not Coliseum Skate Shop (not that Coliseum isn't cool, I loved PJ Ladd's video growing up!!!). How many peeps can say that they get product from the company that put out the first skate video you ever bought!?
RR: haha i dunno. im super lucky to be getting stuff from label. its always been my favorite every time i get a box i cant believe it.
RV: I remember finding out that you were into bands like The Blood Brothers, Black Dahlia Murder, Genghis Tron, and The Locust and instantly being that much more stoked on you! There's nothing I like more than finding skateboarders who don't listen to the same stupid bullshit that every other mindless, musically un-opinionated skate dude likes. I am so tired of getting into skaters cars and hearing nothing but songs you've heard in skate videos all day. What have you been listening to these days that you may not find in most skateboarders iPod?
RR: latley i have been listening to alot of Nobunny. i keep listening to them and they never get old! i also love listening to music i can dance to so its usually alot if mash ups and techno! i still listen to faster stuff like the locust, phobia, and AxRxM from time to time.

I believe this party had the soundtrack to the movie AIR BUD on repeat all night...

RV: Phobia...haven't heard their name in a while. Arizona peeps are kind of crazy for some reason…I don't know what it is, but they're crazy in a good way (and kill it). I'm fucking crazy myself, so I just like the vibe of peeps out there. I must say you fit in pretty well out there, even before you moved there I could see you living out there. What made you want to move out to Arizona, who do you skate with, and how does it differ from life in Orange County? I miss not hanging with you on the regs by the way.
RR: well i ended up in arizona because i was working at camp woodward. there was always awesome people coming and working that were from arizona. and one time ted shmitz and preston harper just invited me to drive out with them. at the time i didnt do anything so i just went on a whim. when i got there it turned out to be the greatest place on earth! the people are amazing and are all about having fun allways! tim ward, john rob, mel rodriguez, and matt price have let me stay at their house's and they ask for nothing in return. i could never find people in the oc with that kind of heart. i never want to leave az.

Ryan And I hanging on the American Misfits Season 3 Arizona stop.

RV: Aside from the heat AZ seems like a really cool place, plenty of people to keep you busy and stuff for sure! I'm stoked for you to be out there and getting stuff done. Originally, when I came up with the idea for Skate Movie I didn't ask you to be in it, and I really don't know why! It should have been a no-brainer! For some reason I didn't think you'd be down, even though we were basically skating everyday. So, I just want to thank you for stepping up to the plate when Moose had to take an honorable discharge (haha, I said discharge). I feel like your part created quite the buzz. What are you working on now? What's in the horizon for RyRey?
RR: ive just been filming as much at possible. right now my footage is scatterd out to abunch of projects.
RV: Not putting all your ballz in one basket is a good thing. I look forward to seeing what you've been up to rollerskate wise as of late. As you know, I hate Twitter. So referring you to RyRey made me laugh a little inside. I know for a while there you were pretty serious about your Farmville thing or whatever, what is your new online addition now that your farm has gone out of business and is getting a strip mall built on it.
RR: haha i got the biggest farm you could get that was my goal! but anyways im usually playing flash games or skate nerding.
RV: I hate skate nerding...but you already know that.
RR: hehe i know sawy

The cool table?

RV: Are there any girlies in your life right now? You're going to be turning in a week here. I can't wait to go out to a bar with you and get plastered and offend hot babez0rz at some point. Are you ready to become a legal pile? How does it feel to know your best days are behind you and that the only new tricks you'll be learning are quicker, more efficient ways to consume alcohol!?
RR: the secrets of my love life are classified richie! but turning 21 doesnt really excite me that much. its cool that i dont have to get people to buy me spit anymore but i dont think i wil ever be at the bars haha. id rather drink a 40 with my closest buddies at a friends than waste all my money with a bunch of strangers. sorry richie
RV: I don't go to the bars very much as well...but every once in a while they're fun. We'll have to have an outting at some point Mr. Ryan "Ketchup and water makes a good Tomato Soup" Reyes. It might be fun?
RR: ill try it. for you
RV: We're going to play a little game of either/or. Ready? You have to answer these with the quickness, and in the least amount of words possible.
RR: o tay
RV: Would you rather lick a bums asshole (one clean, good swipe), or wear B.U.M. Equipment for the rest of your life?
RR: lick
RV: Would you rather get mauled by a big dog, or wear Big Dog Clothing for the rest of your life?
RR: big dawgs are dope. but i would get mauled
RV: Big Dog Clothing is pretty hesh...It's a shame though, I could see you rocking their threads pretty hard.
RR: id be pimp dog
RV: Would you rather try to noseblunt El Toro or jump off a 3 1/2 story high building?
RR: noseblunt fer sure
RV: Would you rather be known as Ryan "My Pog Collection is Valued at 3K" Reyes or Ryan "Two ply!? Who do you think we are? The Rockerfellers?!" Reyes?
RR: pogs! i have some dope ass slammers
RV: Would you rather "hang out" *wink wink* with Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift?
RR: tay tay
RV: Would you rather drink a whole brand new bottle of ketchup or have The Metal Mad Man wind up as hard as he could and give you a shinner with an AirCraft board?
RR: id let the mad man have a wack at my shinz

Locked and loaded! (Photo: Matt Price)

RV: You are a trooper. Metal Mad Man is the man...he'd give you a good, hearty whack with his trusty 12 year old AirCraft board! After pounding a hearty brew that is of course. We made it to the end! Now thank you who you want to thank (maybe even who you don't want to thank) and finish one last beer with me so we can go to sleep and rest up for filming a little video tomorrow for this interview thingy.
RR: yay! im going to thank alot of people so here we go. ohio dave, dave ashley, john lucero, jimmy astleford, jared lucas, lisa witaker, tim ward, matt price, steve davenport, jackson casey, stephen ostrowski, chris millie, justin modica, cody bear, ari shiffrin, wes baker, brandon jacobson, the loy fam, tyler harl, randy riv, ryan lay, damien, pops ,gma, dylan messer, ted shmitz, preston harper, epod, pete jasenski, mel, joe hammeke, johnny gomez, j-peash, ryan sublette, evan oki, michael pagani, mike mo, vince capaldi, tucson tim, and you richie. i hope i didnt leave anyone out im a lil dunk. sleepy time <3
RV: Thank you Ryan "Did you know they sell AC/DC apparel at Walmart" Reyes...You da man, big dog!
RR: not kewl

That wraps up the interview! Thanks for reading. Hopefully you got to know a learn a little bit about Ryan that you may have otherwise not known. This video clip below was filmed the day after we did the interview and was done specifically for this so that there was something to accompany the text in the interview itself!  We basically just went and skated 2 parks right by my place for fun and got a few clips as well. It was almost my first time testing out my new Canon T2i camera...weeeeoww. Enjoy watching Ryan do his thing :)

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